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People with tattoos

Tattoos are quite normal nowadays. When I was growing up only badasses had them. Like bikers and sailors. Now tattoos are pretty mainstream with cliché designs. I think everybody has seen the tribal and the skid marks design. I don't understand why you would want to look like roadkill. That is just weird.

I've watched some episodes of Miami Ink and all of those people have went through some sort of ordeal. And they wanted a tattoo so they wouldn't forget that period of time or person. To me that train of thought is a bit odd. Because why would they want to remember such an awful time and I'm pretty sure they have pictures of their loved ones.

The other day I was at Ikea buying some stuff for the kitchen and I saw an old, fat, bald guy standing in the queue in front of me. This guy, I guess he was 50 something, had a barcode tattoo in his neck. I'm not kidding, he was branded like livestock. I don't know why he got this tattoo and I did wonder if you could scan him like a product. I don't know what his story could be. Maybe some people just get tattoos for the fun. It doesn't have to look pretty or mean something special. I guess you just don't care how you look when you're old, fat, and bald. You just want to say to the world: Hey, we are all just numbers. Let's get branded!